The Principles of Linguistics, in Plain English

The most elementary exercise for linguistics novices is to transcribe words in the International Phonetic Alphabet. My partner and I had different accents, so whenever we messed up we would blame that to get off the hook.
The Vikings were the first of several waves of invaders that crashed over England in the Middle Ages and changed our language forever (photo credit: Entertainment Weekly).
I hope the little bear is paying closer attention to catching dinner than to seeing the forest full of syntax trees.
I might have had an easier time learning linguistics if I had been learning this instead of what 13th Century Mazovian peasants called plows.
It is no accident that language boundaries so often coincide with today’s international borders. Most of the world’s conflict zones lie where they do not.



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Sam Quillen

Sam Quillen

Former linguistics student; current investment bank analyst who sometimes thinks about something other than spreadsheets