The Linguistic History of Africa, Part II: Black, White, and Shades of Grey

Al-Azhar Mosque/University in Cairo is the preeminent intellectual centre of Sunni Islam.
These Malagasy children have closer relatives in Indonesia than in nearby Mozambique.
Just a glassful of tonic makes a continent go down.
Today’s border Kenyan-Tanzanian border is crooked because at one point the Prince of Wales moved it to give his cousin the kaiser some pretty mountains. If African borders were drawn according to ethnicity, as above, the map would be considerably more complicated.
A trilingual sign (in English, Afrikaans, and I believe Zulu) for a divided country
I was lost on a mountain biking trip in Morocco when I happened upon this Berber town. It is miles from nowhere high in the Atlas Mountains, but I had a shockingly easy time finding people who spoke French.
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas grew up speaking Gullah, a creole spoken in the coastal Southern US.



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Sam Quillen

Sam Quillen

Former linguistics student; current investment bank analyst who sometimes thinks about something other than spreadsheets