How to Learn a Language for Travel

Duolingo has gotten a bit more practical with its examples. In any case, Emily sounds like a pretty interesting travel companion.
Ottoman Turkish calligraphy at the Topkapi Palace. Switching from the Persian alphabet to the Latin one was the most visible cornerstone of Turkey’s revolutionary Westernising reforms in the 1920s. Scholars also purged Arabic and Persian loanwords, which made up up to 85% of Ottoman courtly vocabulary, in favour of native Turkish equivalents. However, Islamic expressions like inshallah (God willing) are still popular.
Some English translations are more useful than others.
The forebears of today’s Turks, khans from Central Asia, looked very different to their descendants. Through generations of interbreeding with Anatolian Greeks and Europeans, Turks have come to look more European than Asian, but their language holds true to their roots.
The enchanting central dome of the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul’s magnificent church-turned-mosque-turned-museum-turned back to-mosque.



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Sam Quillen

Sam Quillen

Former linguistics student; current investment bank analyst who sometimes thinks about something other than spreadsheets