Every year, Muslims from around the world converge on Mecca. Presumably Allah can understand any prayers offered to him, but can millions of people who all know at least some “Arabic” speak to one another?

Nochevieja in Madrid

The Académie Française is no less important than the Armée for defending the purity of France. It is also significantly more aggressive.

The Tagus River has its source in the Spanish heartland, and flows through Lisbon to the sea.

The drive of Germans, Italians, and other Europeans to establish new countries with those who spoke the same language roiled Europe in the 19th Century.

WHO Director Tedros Adhanom is more effective than any Classics teacher at making everyone in the world learn the Greek alphabet.

A Wampanoag reenactor gives a presentation to a school group at Plimoth Plantation, a historical site in Massachusetts that is popular this time of year.

A performance of Oscar Hammerstein’s “Carmen Jones,” a recasting of “Carmen” in African-American Vernacular English (1943)

Sam Quillen

Former linguistics student; current investment bank analyst who sometimes thinks about something other than spreadsheets

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